Prevention Asia and Latin America

Group of Indian mothers with babiesTheme: Prevention Asia and Latin America

The objective of this group of projects is to define the malaria burden and to determine the optimal strategy for the control of malaria in pregnancy in areas in Asia and Latin America with low or moderate malaria transmission where P falciparum and P vivax malaria coexist. 
The major activities included within this group are:

Prevention strategy for Papua New Guinea (PNG)
A trial investigating intermittent preventive treatment with azithromycin-containing regimens for the prevention of malarial infections and anaemia and the control of sexually transmitted infections in pregnant women in Papua New Guinea.

Prevention strategy in India
Effective and safe interventions for prevention of malaria in pregnancy in India: an assessment of burden of malaria in pregnancy, implementability of a screening strategy and barriers to scaling up interventions.

Prevention strategy in Latin America
Estimating the burden and impact of malaria in pregnancy  in areas of the Amazon region of Latin America with low to medium rates of malaria transmission.